Our quick swap employs the use of seamless crypto-to-crypto exchange services rather than the often cost-ineffective/time-consuming approach of first converting a digital asset to fiat before being able to buy the desired coin. FlokiSwap provides easier access to cryptocurrencies with low market capitalization.


  • Swap FlokiPad tokens for any crypto currency and/or stablecoin available on the system
  • Debit and credit cards accepted for payments
  • No unregulated network transactions fees


For example, converting FlokiPad tokens to BTC could prove challenging because of a scarcity of exchanges that can provide the FlokiPad/BTC trading pair. As such, one would have to initially exchange their FlokiPad tokens for BNB coins and in turn exchange them for another popular coin or directly to BTC.
The chain of (transactional) events would incur fees with each conversion. Also important to mention, it’s imperative to consider the inevitable price volatility of crypto assets in general, hence the risk of impacting the profitability of the final trade. To summarize it best, the above-mentioned approach could potentially make it difficult to achieve the best possible price.


With FlokiSwap, we've simplified the process by so that users can directly exchange any crypto asset for another by holding and swapping pegged FlokiPad tokens. The user enters the desired amount he/she wishes to exchange along with the trading pair selection and the token swap service will instantly process and convert the coin(s). With our transaction solution, fees are only incurred one time.


Our swap technology is designed for true efficiency with its simplicity, speed, affordability and highest standard of security protocols. Customers can pay using credit / debit cards as well as vaious crypto currencies.