Widespread blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption have evolved globally to blockchain-based gaming. GameFi is the term for the combination of DeFi and gaming, where gamers can play and earn financial incentives (play-to-earn or P2E). FlokiPad Ecosystem is conscious of the rapidly evolving Metaverse trend and so we've worked hard to create a Meta-Utility gaming token that will serve to power our games as well as our upcoming NFT Marketplace.
FlokiPlay is Flokpad's unique P2E utility token and is integral to its entire ecosystem. Not only can the tokens be purchased independently of our gaming platform for trading purposes, but players will also benefit from the tokens by using them for game upgrades suchs as characters, weapons and other perks (current and future games). FlokiPlay is also earned by moving up the ranks of each proficiency level thus adding more and more value which in turn, is stored on the blockchain and owned exclusively by the player - rather than us. Payouts are merged with FlokiPad tokens and airdropped regularly every 24 hours. Gamers around the world will not be able to resist the ease by which they can benefit from generous rewards for their gaming skills.
Our NFT Marketplace will equally rely on FlokiPlay tokens as a means to buy/sell/swap unique FlokiCharacters that will inevitably increase in value as FlokiPad/FlokiPlay tokens gain more and more recognition as a serious player in this highly competitive market.
The future Flokipad GameFi, features a simplified plug-in for game developers to connect their games to the world of multi blockchains while incorporating their native tokens and smart contracts. This is the ultimate all-in-one solution allowing players to earn, stake, farm and harvest any old game sitting around collecting dust.
Floki GameFI API empowers developers while rewarding players for their time.


Developers can obtain a license to use our Floki GameFi API on a monthly or annual subscription basis. Revenue from this source will be used to buy back and burn FlokiPad tokens which will ultimately help to decrease the total circulating supply. Our objective is to provide immediate benefits as well as help increase the value of FlokiPad for long-term holders.
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