Launch one project on multiple blockchains.
We're simplifying the process and FlokiPad will be the first ICO dApp launchpad readily available on Android and iOS.
Now for the first time, ICO's can easily (and securely) launch their projects on one platform across multiple chains while accepting pegged FlokiPad (or standard FlokiPad tokens) as currencies. Users can swap their tokens for any stablecoin available on the FlokiPad platform. We are convinced that this these unique features will significantly impact the Defi space by simplifying access for all levels of users, even beginners.


Native in-app payment integration
  • Purchase Pegged FlokiPad tokens using any credit card or crypto currency
  • Swap FlokiPad tokens for any stablecoin and/or crypto currency in just one click
Tracking tools
  • Dynamic tracking tools to keep a steady handle on your project launch
Anti-scam prevention mechanisms
  • Project owners are required to vest and lock their tokens
  • Receive timely warnings and notifications every step of the way
  • Contributors automatically receive tokens the moment a pool has been finalized.
Cross-platform accessibility
  • Ability to move any coin to any chain using FlokiBridge


Floki Pad facilitates ICO's with the overall token launch such as: listing of the token on FlokiSwap, PancakeSwap, PinkSwap, UniSwap, ShibaSwap, SushiSwap, KuSwap and QuickSwap with locking your LP and adding a vesting period for your tokens.
FlokiPad aims to incentivize project owners by providing a multi-chain liquidity pool deployment protocol to further motivate users to choose FlokiPad over the competition. Project owners can now launch in one click across multiple chains while creating access to more buying pools than previously possible.
Lastly, we provide a unique protection technology protocol designed to instill confidence with investors. FlokiPad is ultimately one of the most secure places to invest and/or launch ICO's by ensuring deployments are successful and contributors are rewarded automatically, eliminating the usual hassles associated with claims and other common problems.